Help! CPU usage is 100% after install the Comodo Firewall

After I installed the Comodo Firewall, the CPU usage ia always 100%.
Using the Task Manager, I saw that the Image Name is “system”, the PID is “8”, the CPU (usage) is nearly 99%.
If I choose the “Allow All”, the CPU usage turns normal.

My operating system is Windows 2000 professional.

How can I resolve the problem? Thanks!


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This is well known feature on the forums. You might want to start here:

CPU USAGE GOES TO 100% with new 2.4


Sounds like it may be a Logging issue. A quick test to get some results is to open Network Monitor,go to the bottom Block & Log all rule (Rule ID 5, or somesuch - has the red “x” identifying it), and double-click to Edit. Uncheck the box for “create an alert if this rule is fired” and then OK. To make sure the change sets and memory is cleared out, a reboot is probably in order. See if that makes a difference.

If it does improve, there are some other steps that can be taken to address it in different ways, as there may be other aspects of logging that play into it. However, I’m guessing that it’s primarily NetMon, and as a result of NetBIOS service communication on ports 137, 138 (which will be blocked and logged by the default rules).