Help corrupt desktop After chaanging settings in D+

Win xp sp3
Avast home 4.8

Hello everyone

After recieving excessive popups ,I decided to disable some of the monitoring in defense+ settings. I unchecked the following interprocess memory acess, disk acess, keyboard, monitor except Registry acess and rebooted the machine.

After rebooting i found my compuer got corrupted. follwing symtops were observed whenever i was clicking on any icon on desktop or In My computer a friendly popup appers asking me to confirm delete e.g if i click ondrive C: Icon windows confirm delete popup will appear asking me to confirm deletion of c: drive.

same happens when i click on My documents folder

system restore does not works.

safe mode uninstallation also did not work

help is reqired

Your using an older version of Comodo and the alerts are normal. No reason to have diabled features cause you could have used training mode or else post something about what alerts you are getting. Which mode did you have d+ in? Boot up in safe mode and follow these steps. You can download and run the batch file. Then once your back up and running download and install the latest version of Comodo.

Thanks for reply

  • it appears that explorer under user profile gets corrupted as admin account was not showing any of these problems.

  • creating a new User account was also not helping ,probably xp was copying settings from existings user registry to create new profile.

  • some thing there is in, comodo which locks ( even denies acess to comodo itself) when you make major changes in program settings after installation.

-Once i thought to remove the protection given to comodo in their settings, but not knowing what will be the impact on system stability i left it as such.

  • i feel personally the memory protection given to comodo against Kill process should be removed, (task manager)
    It is observed comodo hangs while in use. and you can not terminate it you have no option but to restart windows. Reimplementing the kill by Task manager will be a good idea.

this will prevent many reboot and ensure availability of system. as comodo window will not lockup on desktop and you also can terminate it and restart it.

i feel termination of comodo firewall should be allowed only from admin account unlike in the earlier version a user can terminate it.

Instead of providing memory protection it should use InBuilt Dep protection offered by windows( i am not a expert but feel and observed that windows services are highly reliable and protected under DEP)

  • something must be done immediately to find a good uninstaller for Comodo ,uninstalling is a big trouble.

You can always revo uninstaller in advanced mode, just make sure to cautiously read the instructions! Same for allowing and denying and setting D+ and Firewall permissions. Willy nilly clicks with get you in trouble.