Help configuring Trusted Zones please . . .

Greetings all,

I set up the firewall with no problems on my network, but my friend has a more complex topology and seems to be running into problems . . . trying to help him out.

He can’t see any mapped drives or other workgroups from his machine. Is the solution simply a matter of running the Wizard to Define a New Trusted Network, or is there more to it?

I understand that he can only see his network adapter when looking at Add / Remove / Modify Zone control panel.

Can someone help walk me through this?

Basically just need to get a better grip on the process to define his two workgroups as Trusted Zones to his machine. Critical, because he accesses his data files off a mapped drive on the network, which I think is in other workgroup.


Hi Tuco, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

To create a new Zone and Trusted Network, you might want to read the help file. Just open CFO and click help, then go to:

Firewall Security\Tasks\Common Tasks\Add/Remove/Modify a Zone

Then follow the Link from the bottom of that page for creating a Trusted Network.


Hi Toggie,


I really did read the Help file :wink: , but maybe I need to be on my friends machine. He seemed to suggest that all he was seeing was his network adapter, and was stumped by how to explicity specify the trusted zone(s).

So, are we talking about just running ipconfig to get the IP of various machines and plug that range into Add / Remove / Modify Zone?

Or can he possibly type-in the name of his workgroup, or maybe the machine name instead? Unclear about this.

What’s the difference / advantage, if any, of using the Wizard?

Although, in theory, you could create the rules manually, there’s really no point, as the wizard does it all for you.

As an example of creating a zone imagine the following, (Using - as an address range. This is typical of a home LAN address range:)

  1. Create a new Zone
  2. Define the start address as
  3. Define the Finish address as
    (This will allow you to add PCs to the LAN, without having to change the Zone settings.)
  4. Give this Zone a name, such as Home, just make sure you know what it refers to.
  5. Add the Zone as a Trusted Network.

This will create two Network Monitor rules that will allow traffic to flow between the machines on your LAN.


Sounds good Toggie, thanks for your help on this.

I’ll pass this tip along – seems straightforward to me.