Help configuring Comodo V3 for Starcraft

Heya guys !!

I love COMODO. But, I’ve always had problems configuring it to play Starcraft and Broodwar Online. I’ve tried to set it as a trusted app and all (in an earlier version), but it still asked me for some rules. So, can someone help me manually configure Starcraft so it can gain updates online, play online, and do whatever else (please tell me whatever else it does) with the internet ?

Thanks very much guys. I highly appreciate it.

Delete all entires of Starcarft in firewall and D+. Put Comodo in training mode for firewall and D+ settings. Reboot. Then launch Startcraft and Comodo will learn. Works for me in all my games and I play tons. (CLY)

Thanks for the fast response.

How do I clear all entries of Starcraft in the firewall ? Also, is there a way that I can set rules for the game without lowering my firewall and D+ levels by one notch ?

Again, thanks very much. I really want to try out Starcraft without actually having to insert a CD (nicely done, Blizzard !!).

Firewall programs are listed in Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy. Defense Plus programs are listed in D+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy.