HELP! Comodo Won't Uninstall

So ever since the new version of Comodo came out, it has become the largest headache of all time. I’m in need of serious help, I’ve tried everything. My issues are this, it seems there are previous existing Comodo processes starting at startup that prevent my current Comodo firewall from starting. My solution was to try to uninstall and reinstall, but now when I go to uninstall I’m getting an Error Code:2381 and cannot uninstall, so I can reinstall in safe mode. Please help, any information would be amazing!

I agree with you regarding the bugs Comodo has when updating, as I updated and got a permanent error code that would not close/delete regarding the font on geek buddy and could not uninstall. I was told by another person on a different forum to uninstall in safe mode and that took care of it. Site is twit town commons

Hey and warm welcome to comodo forums 1nc & firewall9! :slight_smile:

use CIS clean-up tool in safe mode as admin.

trying to uninstall things in safe mode is not always possible so you know.

Valentin N