help! Comodo won't ignore trusted files.

sorry if this is the wrong place for this topic. I tried to search as best I could.

Comodo keeps finding false positives and quarantining them.
I thought I knew how to exempt or add certain files/folders to the trusted list in the settings on both AV and Defense+.

under AV I go to Scanner Settings > Exclusions and add my file.
under Defense+ I go to Settings > Execution Settings > Exclusions and add my file.

but as soon as I run the file Comodo eats it up.
so I tried completely disabling Comodo. obviously I can run the file then. but as soon as I reactivate Comodo when I’m done with it, Comodo eats it again.

what am I doing wrong here?
if Exclusions don’t mean “EXCLUSION” then what the heck am I supposed to do? thanks in advance guys. I’m sure it’s a very simple fix but I can’t figure out on my own.

Not sure why it is not obeying the exceptions set. I would like to advice to not let CIS quarantine viruses automatically. It may help to mitigate the situation and it is better to decide self how a file is handled in case a Windows system file gets erroneously seen as a virus.

Also submit the false positives at the forums. You have a better chance to get them fixed when submitting them here at the forums in the AV False Positive/Negative Detection Reporting.

Are the files that get quarantined the exact same file each time or do the files change because they are produced by f.e. a compiler?

When submitting please follow the guidelines described in How to report False Positives - Please read this before submitting !.

it’s the exact same file every time.

I know how it works and I know that it’s safe.
it accesses my keyboard input so Comodo labels it a keylogger and quarantines it.

I’ve added the file/path to the Exceptions list in AV and D+ but it still gets picked off.
do I have to add the file/path to the Trusted Files list? because that’s a different list than the Exceptions.

Try adding it to the Trusted Files list and see what happens.