Help! Comodo IS gone completely crazy [RESOLVED]


For some reason that I can’t explain, Comodo started to annoy me with some PDF file on a CD (from Polar, ie no subject to any security problem). Maybe I made a mistake by asking to treat it as an isolated application, still my second computer (from which I am currently writing), running same Comodo IS (but equiped with Vista instead of XP) just allowed me to open my PDF file without annoying me at all. Both Comodo are set to safe mode.

Now, it happens that Comodo on my computer running XP has gone supposedly completely mad. I rebooted my computer, and now, Comodo won’t just appear anymore in the taskbar (anything appears actually but the time). And I just can’t open anything! Firefox, explorer, email, anything is just blocked, Windows saying he can’t access the application, perhaps because I am not authorized to do so… That is just crazy. I tried to close cmdagent.exe (ctr-alt-suppr is almot the only thing I have access to), but I am also refused to do so.



Well, found the solution myself to take the power back! The computer wouldn’t even allow me to shut it down the normal way (not authorized!). Boot in safe mode, uninstallation, reboot, and what a surprise, everything works fine! Now, I’m reinstalling Comodo, but feel pretty les confident about it…

Welcome to the forum Frederic :slight_smile:
Thanks for posting back what you isolated was explorer.exe not Polar.
This has happen in the past if you do isolate a program in the future please make sure it is that program as the first alert is asking for you to allow explorer.exe to start the program.

Explorer.exe: File Explorer - Wikipedia