Help - COMODO has blocked everything - I can't get on the computer

Got a new Pc last week & a friend loaded windows then COMODO as a firewall and anti virus. I’m still getting used to it all, & this morning when I switched on I clicked the wrong box and now I’m left with my wallpaper and nothing else on screen except the mouse. I can’t remember what the pop-up said but it was something like “send all info back to comodo”. I thought it looked suspect so I clicked “deny” or something and another box that said don’t remind me again. How do I sort this. I’m on another PC at them inute but need to get back to my own. Any help greatly appreciated.

Hi skywatcher, welcome to the Comodo forum.

I’m not sure what this is about, but it sounds like the Windows shell - explorer.exe - isn’t loading. Is it possible to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete, choose File, New task (run…) and type explorer.exe?


And if you still can’t regain your internet access after that, open CFP’s application monitor to see if there are any blocked rules that you aren’t sure of and post it here.