Help Comodo firewall and the internet.

Hi, I had comodo firewall installed on my pc, I uninstalled it (don’t ask) anyway I installed it back onto my computer and its stopping me from using the internet even after I have allowed things, how do I fix this?

Thanks very much in advance.

(B) If I can get it to work again.

Are you behind a router? Or are you connecting directly to the Internet?

What does the logs say?

Im behind a router, not sure what the logs say, have loads of different things.

can anyone help?

CFPs Logs are under the Activity tab - Log button. If you need help with the Log contents, then the Log can be exported to an HTML file (right click on Log). Open the HTML file in your default browser, then use a simple Copy ‘n’ Paste to post the Log here. Please remember to mask any private IP addresses that you do not want made public, thanks.

Back to your original problem… why CFP is different this time? Did you install CFP differently this time (ie. by not using the wizard)? Do you have any new security software installed?

Hi got the logs, no I did not install it differently and I do not have any new security installed, here is what the logs says

Date/Time :2007-05-26 15:16:13 Severity :Medium Reporter :Network Monitor Description:Outbound Policy Violation (Access Denied, ICMP = PORT UNREACHABLE) Protocol:ICMP Outgoing Source: ********* Destination: ********* Message: PORT UNREACHABLE Reason: Network Control Rule ID = 5

The ip address is the routers ip address.

Thanks very much for your help.

Hi choon

OK, look for a different message in CFPs Log… an Outbound ICMP Port Unreachable from either your router or the DNS is a redundant message (recent, but long, discussion on these here). However, it might offer some clues… have you created a Trusted Zone in CFP that includes your PCs and Routers IP?

Hi, just after I installed comodo on here I left it running for a little bit and it seems to be working now, very strange

Thanks very much to everyone that replied.

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