[Help]Comodo does not open ports, (where do i meet a guide for comodo 2.4


i need open the ports: 2121 where it is ftp server,
and 8090 where it is http server

and my comodo version is : 2.4

I go in netowrk monitor and click ADD RULE>>ADD>

Action: allow

protocol: ??? (i don know it)

direction: ??? (i don know it)

destination port: a single port, so, i put port 2121 (is it correct ?)

I make it… but don’t know if all is correct, because the access is deny.

please some body help how i edit it correctly, or please show me a guide…


sorry for my bad inglesh.

sorry for spam…

but no body can help me ? (:SAD)


Can you upload your log (hide any private IP addresses) and/or a screenshot?