HELP! Comodo blocking Avast AV

I’m having trouble updating my Avast definitions.
I checked Comodo and under Network Defense blocked intrusions it has a whole list of Alwil (Avast) blocks. So it looks like Comodo is blocking - how can I stop it doing this? This is a recent happening and they’ve played together happily up until now.

EDIT: Just discovered that under Firewall/Network Security Policy one of the references to Avast in the list had a ‘Blocked’ against it. I changed this to “Allow” and the updated went through. Don’t know how this could have been changed as I’ve been using Avast for quite some time.

Hi Geo.

I suppose you are talking about Avast 5.

A5 has three files under Firewall and D+:


Now Avast.setup can be purged either from firewall rules or D+ rules inadvertently because it is a file that is generated every time you boot the PC and it looks for updates or every 4 hours (time it takes Avast to look for new updates). If Avast.setup was purged, CIS can come out with an alert for that file that unattended will be block as default.

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Hi Iroc9555,
Thanks for the info’.
Yes, the problem started since upgrading to Avast 5.
Since I made that ‘Edit’ on my last post, I had problems again. It was ok for a while and then when booting the computer an hour ago Avast came up with a message that it had been ‘stopped’. Nothing I did could start it and there were no signs of any ‘blocks’ on Avast in Comodo that I could find this time.
I’ve got things running yet again by uninstalling and reinstalling both Comodo and Avast.

If ‘Avast.setup’ being continuously generated is causing this problem, do you know if there is any way to configure Comodo to accept this file without throwing up an alert or causing it to be blocked?

Hi Geo.

Set CIS in “Clean PC Mode” in D+. Reboot PC. Look for avast.setup file in “My Pending Files”. Add avast.setup to “My own Safe Files”. OK, with this even if you purge avast.setup, CIS will not alert you when booting the PC or for updates every 4 hours. Now you can set CIS back to “Safe Mode”.

When Avast updates either at booting or every 4 hours (BTW you can change this time in Avast settings), Avast download a folder with the date and version of the update. This folder has 13 .dll files that makes CIS to popup with alerts. To avoid this I followed HeffeD advice to make a wild card for:

C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast5\defs*

Defence + > Advanced > Computer Security Policy > avst.setup > Access Rights > Protected Files/Folders > Modify > Add > Browse. Look for the file mentioned above.

Remember if avast.setup is removed or purged from D+, you have to set up defs* again.

For more information:

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Hope it helps.

Thanks again Iroc9555 - Great stuff! :-TU

You are welcome. :wink: