Help: COMODO Application Agent Not Running

I’m running windows xp sp3 and I recently downloaded the free version of the internet security but receive error that comodo application agent not running. I have ran the diagnostics and no problems found with the installation. I uninstalled then reinstalled, same issue. I uninstalled then reinstalled each product (antivirus, firewall) separately, same issue. Any ideas on what I should try next?

Can you post any other security applications you have up, and if this is a Virtual Machine or not?


Just the safesuf that came with the internet security and this is not a virtual machine.


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I would say, Uninstall CIS With Revouninstaller… Then Install CIS
I’ll Ask Other Mods To Help You :slight_smile:


Will try that and get back to you.

can you check you windows event log and see if there is a clue there.

check task manager for the existence of cmdagent.exe
check windows services and see if “Comodo Internet Security Helper Services” is started and on Automatic.

hmmm, few days ago i got the same issue. perhaps it’s related to electrical failure. and then after i turn my comp back on, i got that cmdagent is not running message & a red cross symbol on CIS tray icon.
ran diagnostic, didn’t find any error. but can’t found cmdagent on task manager.
and now everytime i restart/turn on my comp, i get these error messages. :-
but CIS seems alright except those error message. 88)

oh, my system is XP SP2
security software = CIS, SAS & MBAM (on demand)

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By electrical failure you mean that you pc shutdown hard, like pulling the plug on a running system ?
it’s likely that the files got corrupted during this unexpected ‘shutdown’.

I’d run a checkdisk, open your drive properties and goto Tools, Error checking, Tick both options then tick Start.
It will now complain it has to reboot to check the drive, let it go and see if it finds something.

If that does not fix it, then i guess you have to reinstall to get the files back in a non corrupt state.

just finished ran the checkdisk. still got the same problem. now downloading CIS installer 88)