Help Comodo 6

I’ve had to reinstall Windows 8 on my laptop x2, what happens is my laptop is fine, I install Office etc., then I am locked out of Program Data, then Program files. I connected to Geekbuddy who deleted all temp files and that was it (they then said my Computer was fine), after I told him to click Program Data he could not access files even when prompted for admin rights. He then told me to run a full scan and come back, then he discounted. The same occurred the second time the only common denominator is Comodo 6 installed. I have now reinstalled and not installed Comodo 6 and all is fine, anybody help???

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If something gets blocked, look in the logs first!

Personally i would avoid remote access help.
Never needed it anyway. But can lead to “human errors x distance = things happen”.

follow this tutorial:: comodo internet security - instalação e configuração - YouTube
opined by you will know how to configure comodo for each warning issued, you may be with behavior blocker and sandbox active, this causes files not recognized by comodo are isolated. Another thing you do not let your doubts clear is what kind of files the comodo is blocking.
and essential that you show us your event log of the Defense + CIS 6.

I think I saw from previous postings that you did not have the experience to post a bug report, however you have also mentioned that you have altered the registry and run CCleaner several times per day for some reason including it’s registry cleaner. Editing the registry is only for very experienced people and can endanger your operating system potentially making it unbootable.

It seems likely that your Windows problems arise from corruption of the registry and are nothing to do with CIS. Unless you have registry backups available I doubt whether any remote helper could have saved your system from a need to reinstall.