Help closing this windows

CIS Ver 5.0…
-win xpsp3
-Configuration- Internet security.
D+ in safe mode
sanbox -Enabled.

I am experiencing this strange problem, When CIS is sandboxing a Exe. during debugging it leaves a window on screen,which can not be closed.
Also it is not visible in task manager process explorer, also you can not log off and restart your system. Only solution is to press reset button.

Probably this is happening bcoz CIS is not fully releasing the exe when close command has been given to app in Dev environment.

Problem does not takes place when D+ is disabled( not permanent)

i fear this problem may lead to corruption of system and integrity of files.

Help is required , how to terminate this window.



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Hi all,
This problem is solved.
The solution was to disable sandbox while keeping D+ enabled.
Now I am not having any more these orhaned/ghost windows.