HELP: clients cannot see host game server

I just installed this firewall (Comodo) and it works fine for my Instant Messenger & Web Browser. However am trying to host a game server (Dungeon Siege 2) in my LAN. The other computer cannot see the host (that has firewall on).

If I uninstall the firewall then the multiplayer game runs fine (other clients can see the host).

Does anyone know about how to setup the firewall to host game servers in a LAN?

You know that here is about Comodo don’t you? ;D
Try to open required ports for that game.

oops, yeah, it’s Comodo

Hi andwan0

[s]You need Sunbelt’s forums. :slight_smile:

Or… are you saying that it is CIS?[/s]

Yes, you are. Which version of CIS do you have?

Man, what firewall do you have? Outpost, Sunbelt, ZA or CIS? Or should I search other firewall forums? ;D

I have the free Comodo Internet Security 4.0.141842 which I got from

I just found out we also need to add DirectPlay8 Server (another program) to the exception list too! Which is C:\WINDOWS\System32\DPNSvr.exe

First step is to open a port for the incoming traffic in Global Rules. Follow the mini p2p guide in my signature.

Depending on your configuration settings there may be a couple of extra steps needed. What configuration are you running? Look under More → Manage My Configurations.