Help! CIS started blocking Freemake Video Converter!

Help! CIS started blocking Freemake Video Converter!
I used Freemake for a week or two, but today Comodo started blocking it - Freemake is in “blocked intrusions” and in quarantine. Freemake just can’t run as normal. It opens as a process in the task manager, but the application does not start.
I tried re-installing Freemake, didn’t help. I have Windows7 om HP Pavilion g7.
What can I do to make Comodo let Freemake work as before? Is there a setting for allowed programs? I like Comodo a lot, but may have to get rid of it if it begins to boss me around.

If it’s in the quarantine,then remove it from the quarantine and when asked to add file to AV exclusions choose yes, then look for the application in the file list and manually set the file rating to trusted. Also create an ignore sandbox rule for the application as well: Configure Rules for Auto-Sandbox, Sandbox Security Software | internet Security