Help! Chromodo and Comodo Dragon are giving me the "Awe Snap" error.

I need help. Ever since i upgraded to the latest build for Windows 10, Chromodo and Comodo Dragon are now both giving me the “awe snap” error i can’t go anywhere using those two browser. All i see on Chromodo and Dragon are is the “awe snap” error.

I can’t even go to the bookmarks manager or even the settings page. Since upgrading to the latest build for Windows 10 Chromod and Dragon have become usless and i cannot use them anymore.

Can anyon please help me with this?

I use Chromodo and Dragon in two different langauges and i really enjoyed using them and really want to be able to use them again.

Please Comodo i need help with your browsers so i can use start using them.

Thanks in advance,

Hi and welcome,
It might be worth resetting the browsers settings.
Note: Please check the bottom of the page in the link below in regards to what settings will be lost or reset.
Reset Browser Settings-Comodo Help

Kind regards.