Help! Can't start application

I have an app that will start if I disable Defense+ but when put to safe mode, it won’t start. I many have clicked on block, but I could not find this app on computer security policy block list. Please help

yes, thats easy to misunderstand.
if you answered a question with “block”, it will be stored in the normal list as “blocked” (if you activated “remember my answer”). so delete the application related rule in the normal list. then you will get the question again.
the “blocked application list” is something else. to put something in it without a question before.

Help!!! Where and what is the “normal” list? I can’t find my app anywhere in Defense+. Please help me look for it and delete the rule, thanks in advance.

Look in Defense + → Computer Security Policy → Defense + Rules.

I have this program called AutoHelp and it is not in the Defense+ Rules !!! It has been 3 days, and I still can’t solve this problem…!!!

Please check to see if you blocked it in explorer.

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Solved!!! Requires an uninstall of Comodo and reinstall again.

… better say “requires deleting of a single rule”… which you can make simply, or by reinstalling :slight_smile:

dont panic, look in each window, and you find what you are looking for.