For some reason, I’ve had this new .dll enter my computer. Not sure how I got it, but I can’t seem to remove it!!! Superantispyware says its a threat and deletes it, but it’s still there. Can anyone help to see if I can remove it? I have tried using Avenger and Vundo, but got nothing out of them. I don’t want to do another system reformat, so…


Have you tried a reboot after SAS detects it?
If you have, and it’s still there, maybe try unlocker

and yes, I have tried to reboot after SAS says its deleted.
I will try unlocker, but isn’t it just like Avenger and Vundo?

EDIT: I have tried unlocker, but it doesn’t seem to delete pmkjh.dll…

try a-squared free? Spybot Search & Destroy? AVG Anti spyware? I’d bet one of those could get rid of it.

Try Trojan Remover, it worked for me:

30 days trial, but you won’t need it for more than a few minutes.
Scan running processess and it should be detected if it’s active.
Else scan the directory where the file is.



This is part of the Virtumonde adware network and it can be a real pig to remove. The easiest way is to download the free remover tool from

Download it and reboot in safe mode. run the download from safe mode and when finished reboot to normal mode. Rerun the tool in normal mode to ensure all traces are gone.

There is no time limitation on this remover, so it’s worth hanging onto.

hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

the ZeroSpyware didn’t seem to detect the file, and I’m going to try Trojan Remover, see if it can do the job

EDIT: Trojan remover didn’t seem to do anything either…I’m thinking of trying Prevx

How about booting into safe mode, and trying to delete it from there?