Help!!! Cannot Install Combat Arms Europe - Free Online FPS Game.

Hi ! Today I’ve downloaded Combat Arms Europe from the official site wich is an online free fps game and tried to install it but CIS won’t let me install it because it finds something called “Heur.Pck.Themida”. I’ve played this game last year when it came out and had no problems with it; back then I had BitDefender Total Security and that software didn’t find anything wrong with Combat Arms. Just want to mention that I had an original Bitdefender software licence wich I bought it myself so the risk of a hacked software is out of the question.

So if anyone has this problem or knows something about this “Heur.Pck.Themida” please post any info but my opinion is that is some kind of false positive (I could be wrong, not sure) and also think that CIS needs more work on the heuristics detection.

My CIS version is 3.9 and the virus database version is 1223.

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Oh, and I’ve submited the quarantined file to Comodo maybe they will figure it out !

Hello, Just making sure that you have followed these steps…

Until then you should be able to add the file into the AV exclusions.
Yeah, Some people aren’t happy with the current heuristics, particularly the packer detection.

v4 should have CIMA like heuristics which has proven to be very effective…

Thanks for the quick reply man, I did the 3rd step on that post. I think I’ll put the file on the av exclusions list now but I’m happy to hear that v4 will have the CIMA thingie.

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It’s most likely detecting HackShield as a possible threat. As said above just add to exclusions list, and submit it. I am sure the antivirus team will figure it out.