HELP! Can not enter OS after restart after install CTM, ask username password

My Steps:

  1. install CTM on my laptop(Win XP) and select disk C(System) to protect and click “restart computer”.
  2. I go away when laptop is restarting.
  3. the laptop have a black screen with a twinkle cursor, I can not operate anything when I come back.
  4. I am waiting … 20 minute … nothing … I restart the laptop.
  5. the usual screen appear with words “press F2 enter SETUP” … seems OK
  6. the CTM screen appear with words “Please enter username and password”
    … @#^&$^ FAINT *&^$%%$# …

I can not remember any username and password. I never need to type a password to login in my laptop.
I had try some username like “administrator” … but failed .
Now I start my laptop will appear step5 and step6.

What can I do? Help!

Please read here it might help.;msg385450#msg385450

I had try many username and password as many as I can remember, but all failed.
I still can not enter Win XP so I can not uninstall or install anything.

Maybe I should boot from CD and reinstall full system ??? :cry: >:-D

I am very disappoint for CTM and Comodo support team.

CTM does not install with a user/password.
The default is administrator without a password.
Did you change the access rights into CTM?

Thank you, Tech.

Yes, you are right. I had not visit any user/pass during installation. I install CTM as it is, no uncommon things. CTM ask me restart computer when installation finished so I click “restart”. Then the Step2 at my topic.
I had install CTM on my desktop(Win XP) and it is working very well. Is any difference between desktop and laptop?

Yes, I had try “administrator” with “blank password” and many many other “user/pass” as possible as I can.

Where can I change the access rights? I change nothing during installation. All option is default.

Should I boot up with the recover CD to reset the laptop to the factory mode?

I guess some problem happened at step2 and step3. The laptop should be restart and enter windows xp, should not be black screen. So I cut off the power of laptop and forced it restart that it makes problem. But I have no other choice. The laptop died with black screen.


Try “Administrator” (with caps A).

It’s not during the installation, but further, setting up the program.
But as you cannot boot, you did not change anything.
The problem is on the installation itself.

Well… if it is the last resource…

What is this exactly?

Yes, I had tried.

Nothing, I am at a loss .

Well… the last way is the only way.

Thank you.

Sorry… Can’t understand and help further… Here is a similar problem with the solution:;msg407423#msg407423