Help body nurb and FLAG DEFY BEND?

??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? i dont understand these 2 flag defy bend comes up thougrh comodo firewall and this is what it says

flag defy bend/help body nurb is trying to connect to the internet
if i press deny i cant access the internet and if i press allow i can
are these 2 virus’s or are they needed to connect to internet explorer HELP PLZ

Can you please post screenshots of the alerts?

im sorry but how do i do that :-[

For screenshots this may help:

Personally I open the screen I want to copy, then press ALT-PRINT SCREEN on the keyboard. This copies the active window that is on screen.

Next I open up Paint from start menu and click paste. This then pastes your whole screen shot into paint.

Then save the file as a JPEG. It is now ready to attach to a post.