HELP!!! BOC425 updater does not work!

I have been having problems with the BOClean updater since early December '07. I was using BOC423 at the time and it stopped updating. It would give me a message of “Download not available at the moment! Try again.” which I did again to no avail.
I then unstalled BOC423 and went for the newer version in hopes of resolving this matter, but BOC425 was no better. It still would not update and won’t to this day! I have to manualy download the update directly from the FTP site and install it myself. I have even tried removing the file and done a manual update (using both the GUI updater and the Start Menu updater) and it failed to update.
My system consists of : P4 2.26ghz, 160GB IDE 7200rpm HD (about 60% free space), Cable modem 2.5 connection, Windows XP Home SP2 (updated) and yes I am the administrator. I have even re-installed BOClean in safe mode (clean install). My guardians are: Outpost Firewall Pro 2008 v 6.0.2225.8419 (BOC425.EXE and BOC4UPD.EXE are trusted app’s), ESET NOD32 v3.0.621 (again trusted), Peer Guardian 2 v1.0.6.4 (HTTP is allowed and it is not blocking any IP’s while the update is running), and Spyware Blaster v3.5.0.1 (I don’t think it affects BOC4UPD.EXE).The rest of my security software is on-demand only and does not start with Windows.
I really hope Comodo figures this out soon because I really like BOClean and will continue to use it although the updates are becoming a cmummy [!]. C’mon Melih! Fix my favorite malware fighter!

Uhh, if nobody noticed, this is a cry for HELP!!! Any responses would be appreciated.

OK. I’m beginning to think nobody at Comodo cares about this problem I (and evidently many others) am having. I have been checking other posts and have tried all the other suggestions and still no luck. Someone please help. If I cannot get this problem resolved soon I will sadly have to yet again uninstall BOClean. I really would like to think that this is a resolvable issue. I check this post many times a day. Again, PLEASE HELP!

Final resolution to update problem… Un-install BOClean, wave bye-bye. I’m done.

I really can’t believe that I got no response to my distress call! I still like BOClean and would consider re-installing once they get the bugs out of this little (powerful) program. My post has attracted a few viewers so obviously there are many others with the same or a similar problem.

Thanks for the response (NOT!). The End.