Help! Big problem on Win10 after screensaver, firewall stops working!

As soon as my screensaver kicks on, I shake the mouse to turn my screen back on, and I look under active connections, and chrome is not even there anymore as I am browsing.

I noticed that chrome has full access, I have not tried other programs, but there should be chrome connections under “view connections”.

The entire firewall is compromised, and all rules on Windows 10, after the screensaver turns on, and I put my password to log back in.

UPDATE: this only seems to be happening when the screensaver kicks on, so looks like if I just lock the screen manually, instead of letting the power settings lock it, then the firewall is working as usual.

UPDATE 2: just tested to see if the problem is happening after resuming from sleep mode, looks like the FW is working as usual after resume.

Solution for now is going to be to just make sure I lock my screen at all times, and also to disable the screensaver. It could be also that option in power settings to shut the HDD down after 20 mins, but I am not sure, I just disabled the SS and those options to shut the screen off after so many minutes. Will report back with any more problems.