Help! avg or avast?

Hi gang! I’ve been using AVG av free for a while with no apparent problems, but having read some reviews on the internet it appears that the detection rate is poor. So, I’m thinking of changing to avast until cavs3 becomes available. Does anybody have any advise. Also should I use BO Clean? I’m running xp sp2, cfp3, and spyware terminator. Many thanks YAMO. (V) :■■■■

AVG is not bad, but I would prefer avast or Avira. There it’s your choice. BOClean is a good complement, if you feel that you have system resources for four (FW, AV, AM, AS) monitoring programs - go for it!


Many thanks LA.

Avast. hands down. Been an Avast user for over 2 years. Ive tried almost every free Anti Virus out there. And i do have to say Avast 4.7 Home Edition Is one of best. IT has great detection and is very simple to use.

Thanks Goose 17 for your reply. I’ve just downloaded Avast, so I’ll see how it goes. Yamo. :SMLR

Avast!..But it is slower on on-demand scans.

Hi Info Sec. Thanks for your response. Having just downloaded Avast I’ll give it a chance. If I don’t get along with it I can always go back to AVG or try something else until CAVS3. Cheers Yamo. :-TU

I think you choosed the right one. Avast! has a boot-time scan that you can run if you’re unable to remove viruses, which is a very nice feature (especially for a free anti-virus).

Hi Ragwing. I hope that I’ve chosen the right one. It does seem a little strange after using AVG for so long not to see the program on my laptop. But, I suppose that I’ll get used to it. Many thanks for your input. Yamo. ???

It took me awhile to adjust from AVG to Avast but now 2 years later… I wouldn’t go back to AVG at all.

Hi Goose 17. Thanks for your support! Any thoughts on BO Clean? ;D

I use BOClean along with Avast and i believe the both of them together are great protection. Highly suggest using it along with any Anti Virus

Thanks Goose17. I’ll give it a try. You’re a star! Yamo. (:s*) :-TU

Hi yamo :slight_smile:

Avast! and BOClean go very well together :slight_smile: I never had any problems :wink:

Greetz, Red.

Hey Red! :wink: Thanks for the response. I’m starting to get used to Avast (which I think that I prefer). So BOClean is next on the list. Great to hear from you. Regards Yamo. :■■■■

Oh and just a little update bout Avast. The current avast is Avast 4.7 But they plan on releasing Avast! 5 This summer. :-TU

Hi ya Goose17. Perhaps CAVS3 will be ready by then? Should be interesting to see how they match up. ???

Yes it will be a very interesting summer. :slight_smile:

Depends on what type of scan you use. Naturally though, Avast! scans more in depth then most other AVs. And on highest settings, wow OMG I think its the only AV that scanned over 1kk files on my PC.

For on demand scans, time is completely irrelevant to me. All that matter is that the scanner is able to scan really deep, in all kinds of archives etc. That’s security. Thus I like avast, doesn’t matter if it takes two hours to scan…