Help -- AV doesn't Show on My Computer!

I’ve just switched from AVG to CIS. Have installed CIS (twice) and the Firewall is running but I can’t locate the AV anywhere and can’t access it. Am worried that I’m unprotected.
Any help appreciated.

Hi hicotton, welcome to the forums.

Which version of CIS do you have? Did you see the AV component option during the CIS install?

Hi Kail:

I now have 3.9.95478.509 of the anti-virus!

I tried a download for the third time and was given the optiion to choose which program to download. Since I already had the firewall, I chose the AV. Now I have AV and no firewall. Am afraid to do this all over again for fear I may go back to just the firewall.
Responding to your other question, yes, this last time I was given a choice. The first 2 times, I wasn’t.



CIS’ installer does not add components (AV, Firewall or Defense+) to an existing installation. It would have uninstalled your previous installation & then installed what you instructed it to. So, you need to run it again & install all the components that you want in one pass.

The previous CIS installer you had must have been a much older version, the AV component has been generally available for some time now.

Thank you! I’ll try again!!