Help.At the first strart of CFP3.0.17.304.He ad a window for new configuration.

Hi .

When the first start of CFP in the little window i said no.
For profit new setting.
But now i want this window again for said yes.

??? ??? How to get a window that ? ??? ???



Just an FYI - if you do choose the reconfig option make sure you have backed up your settings first.

The reconfig will set everything back to default.

Thank’s tmaertin.

But i do not know choose reconfig.

I believe you would have to go under Miscellaneous/Manage My Configurations and possibly delete your current configuration in order to get the firewall to reconfigure.

I would just export your settings, then uninstall and install the current version. Then import settings back in.

Thank you. (:CLP)

But Is there another method ??? ??? ???


I tried this and the new version (17.304) would not import settings saved from the old version.

It looks like the new version also modifies the format of the data if you select “yes” on the upgrade message and the old settings can no longer be imported later. Attempting to do it zeroed out all the settings and killed parts of “manage my configuration”, both with the upgrade and with a clean installation.

Yep… I Just Wrote down my most important settings like utorrent etc. and just redid them in the new configuration… Dont know why Comodo decided to change formats though… For people with a huge number of custom configs this could prove to be a real chore… :THNK

The new format allows users to turn on anti-leak mode without a clean install. The format must allow the internal changes which the installer usually does.

“The new format allows users to turn on anti-leak mode…” hmmm… What “Anti-Leak Mode” is this one? What it does better or what’s new since the “Release Notes” from Comodo doesn’t say anything about “Anti-Leak Mode” and what it does. Maybe I don’t need it, I use a personal very restrict configuration on v3 yet…
Maybe some explanations brings a nice peace for many of us…

It would be a good idea to provide a conversion program in order to reload previous settings saved with “manage my configurations” into the new format. I spent quite a few hours fine-tuning my firewall and after the update I have to redo everything the hard way, with no garantee that the same thing won’t happen when 3.1 comes around… Who do you think you are, Microsoft? :stuck_out_tongue: