Help asap, TrendMicro online scan being blocked [Resolved]

I have just finished doing a scan over at and I cant get it to clean my computer. I believe COMODO might be blocking it, but I cant see any way to allow it (unblock it).

AVG, Ad-Aware, SpyBot etc dont find the things I have found with this online scan, so I really need to clear the way for it to work.

Thanks in advance.


Just to make sure it is Comodo, please go to the main CPF screen and change the security settings to “Allow All”.

I solved the problem by downloading the java enhancement and doing it that way.

It might not have been COMODO, but I sure need to get my ■■■■ into gear and learn how to set it up properly. This last scare has given me some major focus.

First thing I’m going to do is shut down every un-needed port thats open.

You guys are going to be putting up with a lot of stupid questions from here on, I would seriously appreciate all the help I can get.

Hi Motivated,

I am glad this has gotten you Motivated ;), as for the stupid questions, bring them on! ;D, About the Ports, I believe Comodo Firewall protects you this way by default. Glad you figured out what the problem is and how to fix it. Good Job!

Never be afraid to ask a question, the only stupid question, is a question not asked.