Help ASAP for Windows XP Home Repair

Alright, I’m sorry if I’m gonna confuse a few of you but I’m going to copy and paste posts from my other forum to see if any1 can help me activate Windows XP Home after I did a repair.

Unhappy Help ASAP for Windows XP Home Repair
I just did a repair to fix some messed up Windows files and everything went well, until I tried to login. I received a message telling me, “this copy of windows must be activated with Microsoft before you can log on” and if I click no logs off and if I click yes it loads n logs off. What is causing this and how can I fix it??

Sava Reply:
hit F8 when you go in through Admin account…go in safe mode with networking and activate it.

alright givin that a try now, how would I do this since there no activation icon?

=/ its giving me a message after entering safe mode w/ networking that says I need to activate Windows but cannot do so in safe mode please login normal mode

YardOfStuf Reply:
So why cant you activate it?

hmm, when searching on this laptop for a fix to this problem for the desktop pc, some peeps say that IE7 doesnt allow you to activate it correctly and to uninstall it? Is that a problem too and if so how do I uninstall it since its not listed in Add/Remove Programs or in my YourUninstaller?

I am so upset that a repair made this a crazy thing

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So why cant you activate it?
everytime I try to logon in normal mode it tells me I need to activate it but once I click yes it goes to the background waits like 5 secs and then logs off and saving settings.

It doesnt allow Windows to load the desktop icons or nothing

I’m in the process of trying to uninstall IE7 manually from the start > run, to see if this fixes the issue

■■■■ still after uninstalling IE7 it doesnt continue to load the rest of desktop

Could this be an issue with my Comodo Firewall? Maybe it’s blocking the activation from reaching the server?

Never do a repair on XP. Most of the time it doesn’t work. If you think Comodo is your problem then why don’t you boot up in safe mode and uninstall Comodo.

Hmm, I figured that a repair would be the best since I dont want to lose all the data and programs I have on the pc. The only issue now is that I cant get it to login and allow activation, that is why I was asking if Comodo could be the cause since the uninstallation of IE7 didn’t help.

But I don’t want to lose all the settings and custom things for the Comodo Firewall. Is there a better way to see if I can activate Windows XP or is all hope lost?

I have uninstalled Comodo several times and lost all my settings. Its no big deal. I have over 250 programs to learn which I am sure you dont. If you can open up Comodo then you can simply export your settings then uninstall. Import them when you reinstall.

Do you believe this could be the issue or is this just gonna become a waste of an uninstall?

I have no idea honestly but you have nothing to loose. Why did you repair XP anyways? I have had the same install running for over 5 years now.

I did a repair cause one of the files of Windows was corrupt and it wasnt letting me replace it.

You can always get around that. Just Google it and you will find lots of articles. Did you try copying and pasting it from the cd? You can actually copy the entire 1384 folder off the cd.

I just uninstalled Comodo in Safe Mode and now rebooting to see if I can login and activate

Thank you so much, uninstalling Comodo let me logon to activate but then I got into the Activate Windows screen it connected and said Unauthorized product key

Now that means I’m basically ■■■■■■■?

Do you have a legal copy of XP?

Yea its legal, i got the sticker and everything

Well then you didn’t enter your product key correctly. If you did then call Microsoft.

I went through that toll-free thing and it told me to contact the vendor cause it couldnt activate my windows copy. But I know its legit and it works if I do a complete format cause I’ve had to do that like a year ago since someone ■■■■■■■ all the ■■■■ up.

well it seems they used a retail copy of windows xp when they bundled it on the pc, cause the only disk I had that i could use was the oem 1 from dell since most pcs in my house are dell. Looks like since they activated it with retail disk as bundled I dont have to go through the activation after I use their restore but since I used the oem version and the product key on the pc, it comes up unauthorized.

looks like I did a mistake and now have to suffer the coincidences, I’ll have to go safe mode and pull files I want to keep, but now if I reinstall all the software and stuff I had on the pc I can’t use the Comodo backup configuration? that I exported earlier and what would be the easiest why to find out how to save the settings for say Hellgate London and such so I dont have to trial and error the graphical settings?

Export your Comodo settings onto a cd. All your game files can be saved if you look in the game folders under profiles or under saved games. Also look in My Documents for game profiles to save. Unfortunately your gonna still have to reinstall all your games and programs. Be sure to do a low level format or if you have the software that comes with your hard drives .Write zeros to the drive. You can also go out and get an external drive for cheap and send any files you need to save to that drive.

not sure if you have internet access or not…
but if you do you can try (tell them that you need help etc and understand that its not just malware removal) and (point them to this post if you like) and ask them to “help you out”. Its free…

they will remotely logon to your machine and fix things for you… These guys are bloody PC Ninjas!!! they are extremely talented…


Good idea Melih but he doesn’t have a virus. I thought that is only virus removal?

yes it is, but these guys are bloody pc ninjas… they can make those PCs brew you a coffee :slight_smile: (well a virtual one)