help again ! got another problem

like when you connect comdo trustconnect then automatically all browser and data traffic through pc starts to work from the comodo trustconnect vpn,
but that is not happening for me, i had to manually change automatically detect settings in browsers then comdo trust connect was working,
like for example in one firefox browser i had to select manually automatically detect setting then it would go through comodo vpn and internet explorer and other applications were still using my usually proxy connection :frowning:
and this seriously sucked but… to add more to this, since i updated comodo internet security yesterday now if i manually select automatically detect settings in browsers then also they don’t go through comodo trustconnect vpn (comodo trustconnect vpn is connecting fine)
i reinstalled comodo trust connect again also, then it worked when i manually selected no proxy in firefox (or automatically detect settings in IE) but now again i rebooted my pc and now that also doesn’t work… comodo is connecting fine

so whats wrong? is there any way to fix this issue? like when comodo connects all browsers, data automatically go throught comodo T vpn?

*i have already reinstalled comodo Trustconnect and that didn’t helped :frowning:
*trustconnect connecting fine


Some additional info is needed (logs etc.) I would recommend you contact support

mr.dlimonov i have only one log and all info logged in it shows that comodo vpn is connecting fine

hey people anyone???
comodo trustconnects fine but on auto detect settings or direct connection - browser is not working
any manual ip that i should enter? or any other ideas? reinstalling is not helping since updated comodo internet security!


I recommend you contact Comodo support. It’s better to add your account details (service login) and debug information (“Debug Info” in the TC program menu).