[HELP] (again) ===>BSOD when updating firefox [RESOLVED]

hi, has anyone experienced this problem?
today a pop up window told me that there’s an update for firefox, i got BSOD when the update starts, right now i can’t use firefox (using IE 6), and trying to update it through google updater (update to firefox


I had to update firefox earlier. But everything went smooth. Hey maybe that’s the next product Comodo can create Comodo Browser? :o

??? then what’s wrong with my computer? i think my computer’s acting weird lately.
comodo browser? i don’t think so, firefox & opera are enough. maybe a toolbar (like trusttoolbar) for every browser is enough.

I just tried to google some info bout today’s firefox update and i couldnt find anyone else having this issue. so maybe it is your computer? Also A Comodo browser would be better, faster and Safer then Firefox or Opera :slight_smile: (B)

another BSOD when updating firefox :THNK (:AGY)
got first BSOD when updating from to (need to update through google updater)
now i get BSOD when updating the to and it’s worse.

after the BSOD, i can’t open firefox (this is happened on both update: and (maybe coz the update was corrupted, BSOD on 10% progress bar ).and another mess :
on control panel (add/remove program) the firefox version is, but in google updater the version is the latest, (the google updater thinks my firefox is the newest version,so i can’t update FireFox through it). i’ve tried to uninstall FF via control panel,google updater, Zsoft uninstaller, and the CCleaner uninstaller, it didn’t work.

somebody help meeeeeeeeee :‘( :’( :cry: (:SAD) (:SAD)


i’ve post my question on firefox forum too, and still no solution.


Have you tried downloading the latest version from here, and then just installing it over the top of the old one?

It’s worth a shot, IMO

thx qwerty, i’ll try it.

edit : that works!!! WOHOOOOOO

thx a lot qwerty, really appreciated.

I’m glad you got it sorted :slight_smile: (:NRD)

Great suggestion, qwerty.

Maybe this will help Goose17’s BSOD issue on the other thread.

Should the issue return you know the drill: pm a mod to open the thread