HELP Accessing "what do these settings mean"

When I access the “what do these settings mean” at the bottom of pages like "“network Security Policy” I get a message “Internet Explorer cannot download”. Yet I can go to the “.chm” file where the program is installed and there is no problem! What’s the problem?


There are at least FOUR possible solutions to this. Have a look at

Let us know how you get on.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi Ewen

I have been using my help files all day for reference and for assisting others here. All of a sudden I cannot access them, I am getting the same IE cannot download message. i tried all four possible solutions and none of them work. I can however access the files by doubleclicking on the chm file.


Today when I try to access the same entries, I get a program error in “cfp.exe” and the message “Comodo has ??? an error and needs to close”. I can restart OK, but what IS going on here??

Today I can use the help files again. Strange but I’m happy.

There is evidently a bug that has been fixed and will come out next week in a fix.


I too have been seeing these problems accessing the .chm files from within the program. It’s an intermittent problem, but it sure needs fixing.

And why the Internet Explorer problem popup? These files don’t need downloading from the Internet! They open just fine from within the Comodo\Firewall folder.

CFP V3.0.13.268 x32
DualCore Intel Pentium D, 3.0 gHz
NOD32 2.7
BOClean 4.25
Windows Defender