Help about managing antivirus alerts.

Hi, i have this situation:
I have received a lot of old recorded cd’s that I have to check which ones are still readable or not, but I’m getting continous malware alerts from many files, even if I mark them as “ignore once”, I get alerts again and again.
First, I planned to put all those infected files as trusted or as exclusions, but is not safe for this task to put them in trusted/excluded files because I could forget which ones i marked as “temporarily trusted or excluded”, besides, i’m not the only user of this computer, so, if someone else works here with these discs but doesn’t get any alert… infection for sure.
So, i want to know if there is some way to mark them as “ignore during current session” only, that way when someone else use these discs they will get alerts again. If that feature is not available, i would like to put it as a suggestion.

Thanks for your time and sorry if my english is not so clear. 8)

And to further add, I think add to trusted list option should be removed & the reason you have mentioned in your post that in the long list of trusted files you may forget which one you added with AV alerts. Exclusion is enough & is the right option to exclude anything from AV & is easier to find the excluded files & remove later.

Using the “Ignore once” option will work for you here.

I have to tell using “ignore once” is not working so well, as i continue browsing cd contents and checking if files are still readable, i get alerts for same already “ignore once” marked files again and again, so, my work turns slow. I have to click ignore once many times for same files. That’s my reason to suggest a new option like “ignore for current session”.

I’m using this not-so-good solution, i exclude infected files and i delete them from exlusions list every time i finish doing this part of my job.

Thanks for your time.

One of the more annoying aspects of the av of CIS is that when you tell it to ignore once it will ask several times.