Hello to all!! :a0 First of all, thank you for letting us users install this software on our pc-s free of charge. It is a wonderful thing. I have only one question. Found out about 3 days of COMODO and decided to go with it. I installed it, no problems…but i don’t know how to set it up in order to have maximum protection against hackers. I’m using a windows xp sp3 prof updated version with no other security software, only comodo+it’s virus scanner. How can I set it up to have a good protection?
PS: I am using a pppoe connection.

Thank you very very much!

Welcome to the Forum, oaiagalbena

Right click the tray icon, select Configuration - Proactive.

Open the GUI (double click the tray icon), select Firewall/Stealth Ports Wizard. Select 'Alert me to incoming connections, Stealth my Ports on a Per-Case Basis.
Under Firewall/Advanced/Attack Detection Settings, check ‘Protect the ARP Cache’, under the Misc. tab, check ‘Do protocol analysis’.
Under Firewall/Advanced/Firewall Behavior Settings, I set Firewall to ‘Safe’ mode, under ‘Alert Settings’ tab, Alert frequency 'Medium, and uncheck 'This computer is an Internet connection gateway (unless your setup this is true).

Select AntiVirus/Scanner Settings. Set Realtime scanning to Stateful, Heuristics level Low or Medium. Do not Automatically quarantine threats found. Do similar with Manual and Scheduled scanning.

Select Defense+/Advanced/Defense+ Settings. check ‘Block all unknown requests if the application is closed’
under Image Execution Control Settings, make sure Level is set to Normal. Under the ‘Files to Check’ tab, I always Add/File Groups/Executables.

Everything else should be good at the default settings.
You can set Defense+ to either ‘Safe’ or ‘Clean PC’ mode.

I’m running the latest version. Thank you very much for replying to my post! All the best…:smiley: