I find firewalls so infuriatingly confusing that I usually go without them… but I am going to give Comodo a shot.

Right now I am having trouble installing Firefox add-ons… it starts out, slows to a crawl, and then stops.

But this looks learnable and I will stick with it. Big fan of Gizmo’s (freeware review site) and they endorse Comodo wholeheartedly.

Running Vista Ultimate 64 bit

Evening “WhenToastersfly”

My name is Jacob Kilgore,
I’m one of the Moderators here at Comodo Forums
I would like to try to solve your Issue as Quick as Possible

Open Up CIS > Defense+ > Advance > Computer Security Policy > C:.…Firefox.exe > Edit > Treat Application as : Trusted Application > Apply > Apply

Then Go To Firewall > Advance > Network Security Policy > C:.…Firefox.exe > Edit > Use Predefined Policy: Web Browser > Apply > Apply

Did this solve your issue?

  • Jacob Kilgore
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