Hello, thank you, and a question.

First post, so first thing to say is hello!

Secondly, thanks to all for the great software, and extremely helpful advice on the forum.

For too long I’ve been hanging around with a Firewall that was once slim, interesting and fun, but has now become seriously overweight (bloated, in fact), does nothing but try and sell me things whenever he sees me, and has recently offered me a burglar alarm which attempted to trash my house and not let me back in. The final straw was when instead of thanking me for helping develop and promote his products, and trying to help me with my problems, he insulted me and told me “What do you expect?”

Instead of helping his clients, he’d decided a makeover was more important!

So I finally decided it was time to move out of his “Zone” and find someone else. Lo and behold, there’s a seriously cool, slim, fun new guy on the block!

My major gripe is, why did nobody tell me!!!

Glad to be here, and though it took a little bit of work, it was well worth it.

Now, just a quick question.

I’ve searched and trawled the forum, getting educated on all things Comodo, but I find two common replies, which I can’t understand.

  1. When mentioning IGMP traffic, there is often a suggestion to set a rule to Allow/Block, etc. IGMP traffic. Sorry if I’m being stupid, but I can’t find IGMP listed as a protocol which I can choose to set rules for in Network Monitor.

  2. Likewise I read about setting Component Monitor to “Allow, Block or Ask” I don’t have the “Ask” option.

In both cases, they have been mentioned quite recently, and I can’t find anything in the release note to say they are no longer options (for the moment?) I suspect, however, that’s what’s happened, but maybe I’m missing something really obvious.

Anyway, thanks again, I can’t believe I never knew about this before. I’ll spread the word.

Thanks all.

Hello RidRed, welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

1) When mentioning IGMP traffic, there is often a suggestion to set a rule to Allow/Block, etc. IGMP traffic. Sorry if I'm being stupid, but I can't find IGMP listed as a protocol which I can choose to set rules for in Network Monitor.

To set rules for different protocols, such as IGMP, do this:

Open Network Monitor and select Add Rule/Add.
In the Protocol drop down list, choose IP
Choose direction and either block or allow
Select the IP Details tab
In the drop down list choose the Protocol (IGMP)…

2) Likewise I read about setting Component Monitor to "Allow, Block or Ask" I don't have the "Ask" option.

I think you may be referring to Application Monitor rules, which does have the three options?

Hope this helps


With CFP, only Allowed traffic will occur. By default, IGMP (multicast) is not explicitly allowed; thus, it will be blocked. If you don’t need it (ie, system works fine), there’s no need to Allow it, IMO. If it’s cluttering up your logs (which is likely, especially if you’re behind a router), you may create a rule to Block without Logging (ie, no “Create an alert when this rule is fired”).

For the component monitor, I think you’re referring to a post by frazzled, that made reference to the three options given under “show libraries” on a component popup alert. I am unable at the present to remember all three given, and frazzled is unable to give a screenshot, having already uninstalled the FW. With your Component Monitor set to Learn (which it is by default; it’s probably good to leave it there for several weeks or until all your applications and their modules have pretty much connected), you won’t see popups for Components, so that shouldn’t be an issue at this point. Keep in mind that if you block a component (as per frazzled’s complaint), you will block the whole application. This is basically/primarily to stop malware, whereby you would be removing the malware; if you don’t want a module to run (such as a Flash plugin, etc), it is best to remove the module.

Hope that helps,


Here’s a great bookmarking thread: ** FAQs/Threads - Read Me First **:

Component Monitor https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,5396.0.html https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,793.0.html https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,4057.0.html https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,6241.0.html https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,7526.0.html

Thanks Toggie and Little Mac.

All cleared up.

I was just looking in the wrong place (and didn’t appreciate you could set IP, then define IGMP)

You’ve just proved my original point. Helpful, prompt advice and not being treated like an idiot. I like it!

Edit, new reply from Soya.

Thanks Soya, honest I did read about 100 threads before posting, including all the FAQ’s. I guess I just got a little confused by information overload.

Just in case you need more info on Component Monitor (:WIN). If you set it to ON the option should be there. I just found that out in the Help file:

To check the components click Show Libraries, which will show list of components.

If any of the components loaded by application is set to be blocked, the application is not allowed to connect. So in order for an application to connect out, all it’s components must be allowed.

When you select Ask against a component, you will be prompted to Allow/ Deny access every time this component appears in any application’s memory

Thanks again Soya, I’ll look into that.

I do, however, think that after spending 72 hours learning about how to fully uninstall Zone Alarm (after a few BSOD), learning about Comodo, etc. I need I break.

Just to point out for any other newbie reading this: These are not problems!!!

Everything in working well, I just want to fine tune, and was a little confused reading so much.

Great help from everyone.


IMO, here’s a good place to read (that might be a little less confusing) https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,6167.0.html Being a locked compilation, there are no replies posted; only info, so it’s a little easier to sort thru. Then again, you may have already seen it and been confused… :wink:


Here we go again. Mac and his compilation thread. But it’s perfect for novel-reading lovers. (:LOV)

So the standard is 72 hours now? Looks like you made the right decision (:WIN). [At most, it’ll take 72 seconds to uninstall Comodo Firewall because it doesn’t leave junk registry keys (well, there are legacy keys but there’s a way to delete them as well)]. You deserve the break as ZA is really tiresome ;D.

Just to clarify (and yes, I’m not a good sleeper), my two mistakes were:

  1. When everyone was speaking about IGMP, I was expecting to see that in the initial drop-down, I didn’t realise (as I had no idea about protocols), that the correct procedure was to set a rule about IP, then refine it about IGMP. I now understand.

  2. The block/allow/ask was just, as said, me getting a little confused between various options. I just read a few posts, and 2+2 = 5

(Actually 2+2 = any number you like, and I can prove it)!

Thanks all.


Just so you know, here is a pic of the Allow, Block, Ask for components.


It was something Little Mac said in his earlier post that I’d forgotten about. Essentially, if you, for example, upgrade an application, the DLL’sfor the app may be upgraded, so CFP will prompt you to make sure it’s something you know about and want.

Hope that helps.



It’d been bugging me since frazzled posted about that yestereday, that I couldn’t remember it. So I managed to trigger an event yesterday evening, and voila! Now my mind has remembered (with a little trigger)…