Hello, New Here I Ran Windows Malicious Software Removal and it found this.

TrojanDownloader:Win32/Renos.PG. It says it’s removed but wondering if I should run look for any left overs
And Yes I ran Comodo after it.all my hard drives are Encrypted with heavy duty encryption using Comodo Disk Encryption.Need some more input and my passwords are long and using variables of all kinds really not gonna be specific on what variables of characters let’s just say they are long. :P0l (:SAD)


Encrypting Your Hard Drives is only for Physical Security and Not Client/Server (ie Internet) Relation Security (FYI)

I would recommend Downloading MBAM (Malwarebytes Anti-Malware) and Running a Scan Just to be sure, As welll as be on a light watch out for performance issues or any “defects” …

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Interesting, :P0l I Too Found This Trojan 2 Different Times, On 2 Different Computers And 2 Different Operating Systems, Running 2 Different Anti Virus Programs(Avira And Microsoft Security Essentials). I Feel Compelled To Say That I Dug A Little Deeper And The File That Was Infected Turns Out To Be One That Everyone Trusts To Be Safe, The File Infected Was CFP.exe (A.K.A. Comodo Firewall Protection). I’m Beginning To Question The Validity Of Comodo Security Software. I Do Realize It Is A Possibility That Its A False Positive But With 2 Different Anti-Virus Programs It Slightly More Unlikely Also I Sent The File In For Inspection By Avira Almost A Year Ago And Seems Like There Would Be A Retraction By Now And There’s Always A Possibility That Comodo’s File Was Infected By An Outside Source Though Seem Like Comodo’s Cloud Scanner Would Of Caught That Kind Of Malicious Activity Wouldn’t It. I Was Unaware I Had Cloud Scanner Until It Reported That FriendFinder IMC Messenger Contained Malicious Software Malicious:Win32/Unidentified Or Something To That Effect(It’s A False Positive By The Way, I Scanned It With 5 Other Security Programs And None Of Them Showed The Slightest Hint Of Infection.) I Just Find It Quite Curious That The CFP.exe File(The Core Of COMODO Firewall) Was The Only File That Was Infected And That It Was Infected 2 Different Times With Such Severe Malicious Software.

U can try running these tools… malwarebytes,superantispyware…Google down to get to it…

Can you next time please make a basic paragraph structure and use capital letters only functionally?

I am not reading your post because it looks like one big sentence and has no apparent structure.


if you are still uncertain reboot the system in safemode with networking run combofix(google it) and malwarebytes and super antispyware or hitman pro that should take care of any infections

and to avoid infections use sandboxie with comodo D+