Hello, I´m new in this forum.


I 'm new in this forum…
This is awesome and great firewall!!! ;D

I like a software security and I test many firewalls for many years how Sygate, Outpost, Jetico, Kasperky Anti-hacker, ZoneAlarm (the list is more extensive ), etc…

And now I testing this fantastic Comodo Firewall…

The first firewall that passed all leaktest… finally is here!

Very good work team comodo!!!

Welcome Nilhar to the forum! :smiley:

Well. I welcome you too and I’m also a 100% satisfied CPF user.

And I’ve also tried several FW specially Zone Alarm wich as you can see in a post. it disapointed me

CPF is a robust, secure and well developed software

Welcome. You have stated how most of us feel about Comodo Firewall. ;D And for myself, I went thru at least 10 others both Free and Paid before coming here. I too think I have found a home.

Welcome to the forums, I also tried numerous firewalls (Netveda, Kerio, ZoneAlarm, Norton and PCguard) and this is definateley the best. :slight_smile:


How happy we all are shows the product quality ;D

I’ll second that opinion.