hello..i got a question.

hello guys…how u all r doing?
im from land of the east.
just install comodo internet security yesterday,so far so good…already kill 3 trojan.
been using kasper’09 but in the same time kind of attracted to comodo due to good review it has.
hope im making the right choice.
i saw that apart from the internet security…there are also others type of software from comodo.
so…my question is…which software do i need to install in my computer apart from cis?

all of them ;D
CIS is already a suite. i think you don’t need anything else. perhaps some on demand scanner like Superantispyware or malwarebytes antimalware 88)

i’m from indonesia btw, nice to meet you :slight_smile:

my fellowship of asean…


Their backup progam (http://backup.comodo.com/download.html) is very good and you should be doing backup anyway.

EasyVPN is also excellent (think MSN Messenger and Hamachi and PC Anywhere combined).

Cheers from down under,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Any on demand scanner. Comodo’s anti-virus is not in the top 5 (yet) so its good to have another scanner.

i would go with a-squared. huge database, though a little resource intensive :wink:

though malwarebytes antimalware is good too. super-antispyware i didnt like.

also you could try encryption: truecrypt.org or freeotfe.org (both freeware).

There are also online scanners like f-secure, avast, NOD32 etc., so I think it is not necessary to install anything more, but I use Superantispyware… for now. When 3.9 is out maybe I’ll leave only CIS+online scanner.

tq guys for the tips.