Hello! I am new here!


I was using Zonealarm Internet Security Suite for about a year… But it was causing alot of problems! I couldn’t get access to some programs! Then AGAIN, I could NOT upload my website properly due to ZA interfering.

So I tried the following:
Norton Firewall… NO
Sygate Firewall… NO
Zonealarm FREE?.. NO
Windows Firewall… NO WAY.

But then I was searching and found VERY good reviews on Certain Websites about Comodo Firewall Pro 2 (PC Mag, Download.com, and more!) I decided to try this… and I have to say… THIS IS THE BEST FIREWWALL IVE TRIED TO DATE

and it’s free? VERY Light on resources (unlike Zonealarm, Norton, Mcafee, etc), and GREAT UI.

Congratulations COMODO Team, Excellent Firewall, It’s free, Even if it did cost $$, I would pay for it… MY PC is 50% faster an I do use PC Tuneup Utilities 2007 & Perfect Disk 8 for FASTER speed every week.

Also Behind: Netgear ADSL Wireless Firewall Router for Hardware Firewall… :slight_smile:

Thanks guys… a Job well done! (:KWL)

same here%

i would say its best :BNC (B)