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hey every one i wanted to pass this along to spare members of a security threat’enternet explorer8 is a huge virus that infects your hard drive STAY AWAY! do not download it ie8 gets in the registry and becomes impossible to delete even comodo antivirus reports it has malware i had to ditch enternet explorer !ot! !ot! from desktop and go with Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox’ BEWARE!

Best not to use a Browser tied to the OS anyway, stick with Firefox, no-script, keyscrambler, WOT, Ghostery, Adblock plus and all is well enough.

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Hi cybereye

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Some people are not using IE.
I’ am not using it for ages, despite I’m always keeping the latest version and applying all MS patches related to IE (sometimes I can fire it up in order to test stuff)
My opinion: IE was and is the weakest browser. Some users are thinking similarly.
Recent serious vulnerability was discovered just few days ago… and so on.

Some users do like IE and they are using it. IE8 is definitely better that previous versions…

Also let’s not forget that any browser have security holes that can be and will be exploited and patched.
Lets’ not discuss and compare the severity of those security issues.


So you may not like it. Fine

At the same time stating the following as a reason

is simply unacceptable.

Please post the precise flaggings that allegedly were made by Comodo regarding Internet Explorer.

Do they exist? I really doubt that.

… but if you will show such detection(s) of iexplore.exe that could mean two things:
either your computer and the IE in particular is infected indeed
that is False Positive by Comodo.

In both cases you should raise the Alarm and check your system (go through cleanup procedure despite you “ditched” it, because such infection, if exists - never comes alone)
and/or question Comodo’s detection (submit the file for analysis in the first place)…

None of the security should flag IE as a malware irrespectively whether it’s good or bad based on our different opinions

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