helllllp the new comodo (CIS v3.9.95478.509) silent install error !!!

when i try to install comodo internet security v3.9.95478.509 in silent using (-s) i got an error in Installer_log says:

Error: Problem with the default folder path . Failed to calculate the available free disk space for the specified path.

Installation can not continue.

i use vista sp1 32 bit

but the older version of comodo install normally

i hope you reply fast becuase my pc is now without a firewall and i really like comodo ^-^

I can’t answer your question, but there is no need to go without a firewall. Just enable the Windows firewall until you get the problem sorted.

Can you confirm it does install regularly on your system but only when you try the silent install it fails? This could be a bug.

yes it is install regularly but in the silent its not

Moved it to the bug board.

On windows xp the -s silent install parameter no longer works either with CIS v3.9.95478.509.
The same error is reported in the Installer_log.txt