Helkern Attack [Resolved]

Hello there!

I am using a firewall router and I am protected pretty well by it, but I also use Comodo Firewall Pro (latest version) and I have a cable modem.
I know that all the time my computer is attacked with Helkern attacks because kaspersky was always notifying me (only when I don’t use the router).
If I connect to the internet without the router, Comodo doesn’t say anything about Helkern attacks :|.
Is it blocking them though?
I checked the alert options and still nothing, fact that makes me really worried.
Is there a way to check if it blocks them? Or a database for the known attacks?
Please help me!

Thanks in advance!

I don’t think there is anything to worry about, if your pc is being “attacked” by Helkern (aka SQL Slammer worm):

Kaspersky’s response: “Hey someone tried to send you a packet on port UDP 1434, that must be a Helkern attack! Not sure if it is, but it must be!” Action: drop the packet.

CPF’s response: Drop the packet and log the event.