Heeelp please !

Please…i would like to receive some help about registration.I got activation code error 2146697208 .I downloaded your product and received activation number…but it wont work.Also i would like to add that windows firewall is disabled.The activation number is R5HL89gPq89t12vB

Hi and welcome,

Comodo firewall diables windows firewall by default to avoid conflicts.

About the registrtaion issue, can you try setting CPF to allow all then try again (don’t forget to put it back to custom). If this fails can you look for a file called ‘hosts’ open it and see if there are any entries for Comodo. If there are delete the entries for Comodo only, save, reboot, and try again.


And make sure that Internet Explorer is your default browser.

Hi, I just wanted to note, my default is Firefox and it still works for me but not to disregard this anyway as everyone has different issues. I don’t know if another issue has been fixed but as with some other softwares, make sure your install is set on the OS partition as this has caused issues with activation. So in otherwords, make sure your install\set up file, is on C:\ or whatever drive holds you OS.



Actualy, Mine’s as well is a Firefox.
But since Garry said it’s one of the solution, so… there you go.

Yes, I agree and perhaps put that wrong, but thought that if someone who is using FF may think that IE has to be the main browser in order for it work in every case, which was why I stated that not to disregard your statement and is a good idea. Sorry about that wseanggeni, ill worded. Remeber, it’s my age, lolll. :wink: Now where’s my polydent?



No wories.
I’ll learn how to be old, from the way you and Ewen are. [j/k]