I hope someone is able to help me…
I’m a registered member on Facebook but the last few days I can’t access it at all. “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”, I’m not offline and other people are able to acces it. It’s extremely frustrating as I haven’t changed anything on my computer since I was last signed on to Facebook!!
PLEASE HELP!!! :frowning: ???

Please I hope someone can help me…
I’m a registered member on Facebook but in the last few days I’m getting, “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”. There are no connection problems and and I haven’t changed anything on my computer since the last time I was signed onto Facebook!
Please help me quick, the frustration is driving me insane!!!

Seems to me that comodo has blocked acess to either firefox or IE. can you get on other websites? If not, it has blocked firefox.exe or the IE .exe files, depending on which you use. If you are able to get on other websites, you have made a rule for that specific site, in which case I’m not sure what you would do, but i would just go browsing around in the application and network monitors for your answer either way.

Three key questions:

  1. Can you access any other websites, or do email?

If not, then set Security Level for CFP to Allow All (temporarily, just to test). This is ONLY applicable if the answer to question 1 is “No.”

  1. Does Allow All cause you to have access to the internet again?

And finally if all those are “No”…

  1. What other security applications do you have installed (antivirus, antispyware, HIPS, registry protection, etc)?


It isnt a problem with comodo

I dont have comodo, but i was google browsing to see if any1 else had the problem cc does.

i dont have any security apps (Crazy, but i just avoid bad sites) and it only happens with facebook login. it says internet explorer cannot display the page.

I have nooooooooo idea how to fix it =(

One simple thing to check is that facebook hasn’t somehow ended up in the restricted zones in IE. This is found under TOOLS - INTERNET OPTIONS - SECURITY.

Worth checking.

Ewen :slight_smile: