Heavy Disk Activity - cfp.exe

Using Win XP Pro SP2 and Comodo Firewall 3.12.111745.560

I hope this is the correct place to ask a question about Comodo Firewall - there doesn’t seem to be a sub-forum dedicated to it.

What’s with the huge amount of disk activity against cfp.exe? For example, this morning between 11:40:42 and 11:40:49, there were 24 actions against the file, each action consisting of six accesses QueryOpen, CreateFile, CreateFile, QueryfileInternalInformationFile, CloseFile, CloseFile.

I searched this forum and found in a post that turning off ShowTrayAnimation would stop this, but it didn’t.
What does?


There are the Firewall Help and Firewall Bugs forums.

Was this disk I/O affecting system performance?

Thanks for the quick response, Heffe.

There are the Firewall Help and Firewall Bugs forums.<
In my search for “firewall”, I apparently didn’t drill down deep enough - thanks.

I can’t say that it’s affecting performance to any appreciable extent, but I prefer not to have unnecessary drive activity.