Heads up: Online Armor Premium free 6 months license

Heads up to anyone interested. A promotion is going on to get a free Online Armor premium 6 months license. Although I don’t use the software myself I thought I would make a thread for anyone who is a fan of OA to get a tip. Here’s a link.

online-armor.de steht zum Verkauf xD

Interesting… I’ll have to try OA


I’m sure a few will be interested to try this out, nice one for the ‘heads up’… But seriously had to laugh at the opening line of the link… “Online Armor Premium is rated as best windows Firewall software that Protects your computer from Spyware, Trojan horses, keyloggers and other dangerous internet programs.?!”

Source?! heh heh

No offense meant, but I felt an compulsion to highlight that… xD

We all know that comodo takes that slot. ;D

OA slow PCs down, internet surfing too, it becomes slower.
A performance-brake.
Belive me, i had use it for some times.
CIS did this not.
In some kombinations OA is a havy brake, and CIS not.