Having Trouble getting Xfinity.tv streaming to work

Hello there. Recently I can no longer stream videos from Xfinity.tv I keep getting an error

" This video cannot be played.
This content on Xfinity TV is not available for viewing with your current Chrome configuration. To play this video using Chrome, please follow the steps outlined by clicking the Help button below.
Chrome Help "

Which links to https://helpx.adobe.com/adobe-access/kb/error-3321.html

In which I follow those instructions but I still cannot get streaming to play.

I have HTTPS Everywhere, Ghostery, and AdBlock Plus as extensions, but even after completley removing HTTPS Everywhere, and disabling both Ghostery and AdBlock Plus on the website, It will still not stream. I even tried resetting the Adobe Flash Protected Content Licenses.


The website does work in regular Chrome, So i am not really sure what Dragon is doing thats preventing this.

Also when I tried to enter the [*.]xfinitytv.comcast.net into Protected Content exceptions for Comodo Dragon, Comodo Dragon crashes.

Thank you for your time and effort.