Having trouble allowing a program to accept incoming connections

I’m trying to use a program called iShutdown, which allows me to remotely shut down or sleep my PC from an associated iPhone app. When I send a shutdown or sleep message from the app, Comodo pops up a Firewall Alert:

iShutdown.exe is trying to [b]receive a connection from the Internet[/b]

Application: iShutdown.exe
Remote: - TCP
Port: 4505

I click on Allow, however the message doesn’t get through to the iShutdown program and the alert keeps popping up.

Looking in the Network Security Policy settings, iShutdown has a string of duplicate entries (presumably a new one is added every time I click Allow):

Allow TCP In From IP In [ /] To MAC Any Where Source Port Is Any And Destination Port Is Any

Any ideas why this isn’t working?

Hi olliebean,

You must open the required port, in your case 4505. To do that make a new rule in the global rules :
allow tcp in
source address : the MAC of your iPhone
destination address : the MAC of your PC
source port : any
destination port : 4505

Drag this new rule above all blocking rules.
Drag as well the application you already made above all others.

Opening the port didn’t work. (In any case, it should have been allowed through by one of the default rules as it is on the same network.)

Having subsequently had a similar problem with another program, I searched the forum again for answers on the basis that the common ground between the two problem programs is that they are both running virtualised with Symantec SWV. It seems others have been down the same road, and the upshot is that CIS and SWV don’t play nice together and there appears to be no solution. I use SWV quite extensively, so unfortunately this is a deal breaker and I’m going to have to look elsewhere for firewall and AV.