Having problems with the service: services.exe - anyone a thought ? [resolved]


first of all sorry mods if i placed it in the wrong section, but as this is the only non-security related board I think it belongs here :stuck_out_tongue:

So, I’m having this problem with a service, better defined : services.exe

So, when booting, the service starts around 2 kb, however, it keeps increasing it’s RAM usage, to around 2.5gb before it simply goes POOF! and away. The CPU usage is also continuously around 25-30%.

Anyone having any idea? I’m really puzzled about this one…

more info :

  • XP SP3 nlite
  • no security products real-time
    services loaded (see pic 1)
    programs loaded (see pic 2)

hijackthis log added also.

Thanks for your help,

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Have you tried to uninstall ‘A-SQUARED FREE’?
(including all of related services)

Have you had a look at this thread:

Services.exe at 30% CPU and high memory usage

If your running CSC, it seems the problem is related to the driver CFRPD.sys.

It may be CSC. I had the same problem and finally found it was CSC and uninstalled it. Everything back to normal. It is documented in the CSC board.


It may have problem with CSC or ‘A-SQUARED FREE’.
Try uninstall one by one.

sorry i cant provide any on-point advice. because this looks like some compatibility issue.

I think you can try “process explorer” to sort out which service is causing the trouble. just download proc exp from sysinternals and launch it. dblclick on the process (in this case services.exe) and switch to thread tab in the popped up window. look at the cpu usage and the correspondent module name. I think this will help. If you still cant figure out which service the problematic thread is ssociated to, just click on the service tab and use your imagination :D.
I hope this can help you narrow down the problem.

Hi guys,

as most of you guys think it’s a CSC problem, I’m gonna contact razvan and see if he needs some more info to get this fixed.

Thanks , I’ll keep you posted

I had the same problem but in Vista 32

It appeared after a windows update

My solution was: Clean install
Now everything is OK

I had a similar problem: CPU running at close to 50% and everything very slow to respond. Opened Process Explorer and 1 of the svchost.exe was high (note: don’t sort by CPU usage as Idle and the culprit keep swapping places - makes it hard to get the mouse on to it!).
When the pointer is over the process it’ll tell you what’s running from it; in my case it was the DNS client (dnscache) service. I have a Hosts file of just over 4MB and the service was trying to resolve it! It should have been Disabled, but I’d uninstalled Treewalk and that had turned it on.

This is exactly what I’m experiencing. I’ve only noticed this occuring when CIS is doing it’s automatic update (after logon). Once CIS has finished, service.exe will reduce in size back to normal. Not sure if it’s possible to stop CIS from updating automatically (haven’t looked myself) but I’ve started noticing this about a week back.

I posted about my problem here:-


Spec: XP Pro SP3 with 1GB

Edit: Stopped CIS from trying to update on startup but it seems that services.exe is still increasing in size :(. Wonder what is causing this ???.

There is a bug going on with Comodo System Cleaner, windows updates and services.exe. See L.A.R. Grizzly’s bug report: https://forums.comodo.com/comodo_system_cleaner_fileregistryprivacy_cleaner/comodo_system_cleaner_201101586_public_release_bug_reports-t44794.0.html;msg325821#msg325821 .

Thank you EricJH :-TU. I’ll uninstall CSC for the time being untill this issue is resolved. Glad to hear the dev’s are working on this and thanks for bringing this to my attention.



Razvan told me he’s going to fix it in the next release of CSC.
thanks for your patience.

I’m going to lock this topic.